The Fratellis

On 5/11/18, The Fratellis performed at The Metro, coming back to Chicago after 3 years, performing songs from their new album "In Your Own Sweet Time". In 2010, they became a full time sound for the Blackhawks, you can hear the song “Chelsea Dagger” everywhere in Chicago, it was a sensation. Last night show was sold out, packed with hardcore fans, new followers and Blackhawk fans, while surfing through the crowd you can hear fans screaming out “Jon, we love you!” and others were patiently waiting for the “Da da da..da da da..da da da da…” to start, the energy of the crowd would shift back and forth with the music and the front row people were mesmerized looking at Jon, Barry and Mince very close on stage, it was incredible. The Metro has always been a place of great music, where unforgettable memories are made and will always be an important part of the music history in Chicago. “Chelsea, Chelsea I believe, when you're dancing slowly sucking your sleeve, the boys get lonely after you leave, it's one for the Dagger, another for the one you believe, one you believe.” -Nora Leon

Photos by: Juan Ariza